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Welcome to the School Life page. On this page you will find many of the little things you need to know about  being a student at Greater Grace International School.

When you first come to GGIS for a tour or an interview, you will sense the inviting atmosphere that our parents and students say is 'like a family'. From the time our caring team opens the doors in the morning until the last child is picked up in the afternoon, students in all grades experience a wholesome, accepting and encouraging environment that causes them to lift up their heads with confidence and dignity.

The school life at GGIS is what makes our school an extraordinary place for a child to grow.

School Operating Hours

The school buildings are open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 4:30 p.m. on most school days. Classes begin at 8:20 AM and end at 3:15 PM. The upper school (grades 7-12) have a late start–9:45 a.m. each Thursday.

Elementary students must be picked up by an authorized adult. Upper High School students are dismissed on their own, unless parents notify the school otherwise. Students participating in after school clubs will be the responsibility of the after school club teacher. When the club has ended, parents will need to pick their children up from that teacher.


GGIS students wear the school uniforms for all classes, including physical education. Much research has been done on the pros and cons of mandatory school uniforms. The overwhelming conclusion for private schools is that the pros far outweigh the cons. Here are some of the benefits to the climate of the school when uniforms are mandated.  

Promotes a sense of belonging for students; Reduces tardiness; Students focus on school and not how they look; Creates a positive identity for the school community; Allows easier recognition of students inside the school and in the community; Reduces bullying; Improves student learning; Saves families money; Increases academic achievement; Promotes good behavior; Establishes an equal ground for students from all walks of life; Instills a sense of discipline.

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Special Events

There are several annual events throughout the school year which serve to build community, showcase student achievement, and/or have some fun!  These include the Family Fair in September, the Harvest Party in October, the Christmas and Spring Concerts, and the Senior Graduation in May. In addition there are special Parent-Teacher meeting times throughout the school year for parents to conference with the teacher regarding student progress.

Upper School Retreats

The upper school students enjoy the annual 3-day retreat into the Hungarian countryside to participate in team-building and character development activities. During the active and fun-filled days students are able to build old and establish new relationships by interacting with their classmates and teachers. Each retreat has a focused theme with the desire to impart experiences that will impact students for years to come.

GGIS 2022-2023 Calendar

Start date: August 25, 2022

End date: June 9, 2022

School hours

Monday - Friday

Lower School:
8:20 am - 3:15 pm

Upper School: 8:20 am - 3:15 pm

Semesters and Quarters

Semester 1

Quarter 1: Aug 25 - Nov 4

Quarter 2: Nov 7 -Jan 20

Semester 2

Quarter 3: Jan 23 - March 28

Quarter 4: March 29 -June 9

School Manuals

Find educational information to better familiarize yourself with our school. Whether you are student or a parent, you'll be able to find information on general policies, dress code, finances, and much more.

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Student Resource

Jupiter Grades

JupiterGrades is a web-based grade book that enables students and parents to check their current grades and homework online anytime.

Teachers may post comments for individual students or for classes as a whole. The comments can be seen by parents and students so it is easy to stay up to date and informed. School communication via email keeps parents abreast of school related announcements and important information. Everyone has their own password, so grades are always private.

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Frequently asked questions

Can my child try on uniforms before we order them?

GGIS has samples of all uniform items on campus. You can schedule a time to try on the sample uniforms with Mrs. Liantu Zhao through Jupiter or at (Upper School Receptionist).

How can I purchase a uniform for my child?

Create your family account on Trutex’s European website: Do not create your account on the UK website.Enter our school code: LEA000108TFWhen you are logged in choose ‘My School’ from the top right corner menu, scroll down to see our uniform items, and place the items in your cart.For questions regarding orders and delivery, please email Trutex: or call +31 20 808-8620.

How long does it take to receive uniforms once they have been ordered?

If the uniforms are in stock then parents can expect uniforms to arrive within 3 weeks. If some pieces are not in stock then it may take up to 2 months to receive them.

What should my child wear while we wait for the uniform to arrive?

In case your order does not arrive for the start of school your child may attend school wearing regular clothes similar to our uniform. In that case please write a note, to Ms. Liantu Zhao through Jupiter or at in the Upper School (Upper school students, in this case please acquire a 'Uniform Pass' at the upper school reception desk.), or Ms. Hugi through Jupiter or at in the Lower School.