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Frequently asked questions

How can I get a Student ID Card for my child?

GGIS students - who have turned 6 years old and started grade 1 - are eligible to get a Hungarian Student ID card. The Student ID Card application starts in your local Public Administration Office where you will need to make an appointment (Okmanyiroda). You need to turn in the Form (Adatlap) you receive at the office to Ms. Hugi Molnár at the Lower School Reception. She will apply for your child’s Student ID Card.

Where can I see the School Calendar?

You may view or download the 2022-2023 School Calendar on the GGIS website.

How can I sign my child up for the school lunch program?

The first day of school lunch is announced at the beginning of the school year. In order to sign up for school lunch, your child(ren) must have a student ID number which they receive at the signing of the educational agreement. Once you have an ID number, please visit Register with your email and a password, then identify your child using his/her student ID number. After you place your order, you will have to make a payment as well via credit card. Please take note that no order is valid until payments are made and order confirmation received. The deadline for ordering school lunch is 9 am the workday before; the deadline for canceling is 9 am two workdays ahead.

Should you not want to order school lunch, please send lunch(es) with your child(ren). Microwave ovens are available. Lunch monitors are available to assist younger children with heating up their lunches.

Where can I see my child's grades and assignments?

GGIS uses JupiterEd, an online grade-book, as a communication tool with parents and students. You will receive an email from the school office containing a link through which you are able to login and view your child's grades, assignments, messages, etc. You may also communicate with your child’s teachers and school administration.

How do I know what GGIS school policies are?

The GGIS Parent/Student Manuals (separate for Lower and Upper Schools) are available to each parent/student online on the GGIS website.