Upper School (Grade 7 - 12)

Middle School Grades 7 and 8

The middle-school years mark a significant transition from elementary school to high school. Personal discipline and organization become increasingly important as students move from class to class. The amount of homework increases, and behavioral and academic expectations are higher. All of our middle school coursework is designed to prepare our students for a college-prep course load in high school. Students in these grades who have not achieved a very high level of English proficiency will require intensive EAL instruction in order to advance and succeed in high school coursework.

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High School Grades 9-12

High school students at GGIS take 4 years of core classes in English, Science, Math, and Social Studies. Bible is also taught daily, with a weekly chapel and various after-school opportunities for spiritual development. In grades 9 -11, students study the foreign language of their choice either in a traditional classroom or online using highly-effective Rosetta Stone software. Computer classes develop students proficiency with project -based applications of Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint . Electives such as Art, Drama,  Photography, Yearbook and College Prep are available as allowed. School retreats and class trips are also a big part of the students’ high school years.

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