Lower School (Grade 1-6)

Lower Elementary Grades Prep-One to 3

The GGIS Lower Elementary curriculum features the A Beka Book Reading Program and the Saxon mathematics program as its core components. A Beka uses an intensive phonics approach to reading and writing: by the end of first grade, all students can read with comprehension and write with understanding. The Saxon Math curriculum features hands-on activities and rich mathematical conversations that actively engage students in the learning process. A variety of A Beka materials are also used for Bible, Science and Social Studies. The students enjoy special music and arts classes weekly, along with twice-weekly physical education classes.

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Upper Elementary Grades 4 to 6

The Upper Elementary curriculum shifts to the Shurley English Program in grade 4. The teaching methods and materials used provide students with strong language and communication skills, with grammar, reading, writing and speaking skills incorporated in every lesson. Students continue to develop computational and problem solving skills with Saxon mathematics. The study of Latin is introduced in grade 5 and continues through to grade 6. A Beka and Purposeful Design Publications materials are used for most of the Bible, Science and Social Studies classes, with the introduction of World Studies in Grade 6 setting a strong foundation in geographical literacy for exploring world cultures and history in the upper grades. These students also enjoy two music classes, two art lessons, and two gym classes each week.

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