School Details

School Operating Hours

The school buildings open at 8:00 AM on school days.  Preparatory one through sixth grade classes begin at 8:20 AM and end at 3:15 PM. Elementary students must be picked up by an authorized adult. 

High School classes begin at 8:20 AM on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Thursdays are late-start with classes beginning at 9:45 AM. High School students are dismissed on their own, unless parents notify the school otherwise. Students participating in after school clubs will be the responsibility of the after school club teacher. When the club has ended, parents will need to pick their children up from that teacher.


Uniforms create an equal ground for students from all walks of life and instill a sense of discipline and community. GGIS students wear the school uniforms for classes and physical education.

As of September 2015 ISUS, a British school uniform company, provides GGIS students with their uniforms. The new uniforms may be purchased online at the ISUS/GGIS uniform shop. The size samples for uniform pieces are available at the school office. Please see the uniform ordering information in the packet or on the school website.

For uniform ordering, please see Uniform Policy.

Intensified English as an Additional Language (EAL) Program and the “English only” Policy

Students in grades 4-9 whose English skills are not equal with their classmates will attend an intensive English course called the EAL program. This EAL program has a fee that will be determined in August.

Non-native English speaking students will be tested upon applying, and EAL students will be tested throughout the school year. Please view the Admission Policy on the GGIS website for admission requirements regarding English language abilities.

While the school respects all nationalities and cultures, it is required that only English be spoken by students while on school property. Comprehension and fluency come only through consistent use of the language.


An optional hot lunch program is available and is provided by a catering company. The cost of the lunches for the following school year will be determined in August and January of the school year. Students may also bring their own lunches. Refrigerators are not available, but there are microwave ovens available to warm lunches up.

After school clubs, field trips, class trips

Throughout the year, various after school sports and club activities will be offered (appropriate to the season, e.g. basketball, volleyball, art club, ballet, bully proof etc.). Students may participate only with written parental permission. GGIS field trips are integrated into our curriculum; class trips are also organized for high school students throughout the year.