Extra-curricular Activities

After School Activities

GGIS offers a variety of after-school activities including such as: French Club, Kid’s Aerobics, Journalism and Yearbook, Art club, Drama, Choir, Chess Club, Photography, Computer, and Music. Check with the school secretary regarding current offerings. These activities are available five days a week between 3:15 and 4:30 p.m.

Special Events

There are several annual events throughout the school year which serve to enhance the relationship between the families and staff of GGIS. These include the Family Fair, Harvest Night, May Fair, the Christmas Concert Extravaganza, and the Spring Concert. In addition, there are special Parent-Teacher meeting times throughout the school year for parents to conference with the teacher regarding student progress.

High School Fall and Spring Retreats
Each fall and spring the upper school goes on a three-day retreat into the Hungarian countryside to participate in team-building and character developing event.  During this time students are encouraged to interact with each other and staff in a less formal capacity by way of competitive sports, creative performances, group activities and focused discussions.  Each retreat has a focused theme with the desire to impart experiences that will impact students for years to come.