Additional Programs


The music program at GGIS is offered to students of all musical learning levels. Students are engaged in learning the musical elements, multiple instruments, singing, reading of notate music and the history of music.  Each class in the Elementary school learns at least one instrument per year and have multiple performances to develop musical knowledge, confidence and skills.


The GGIS art program is designed to be engaging, meaningful, and enjoyable. At its core is the desire to foster a learning environment where all students feel welcome to exhibit their creativity. Through experimentation and self-expression, our objective is to provide students with the skills not only to produce art, but to appreciate it; instilling within students the sense of pride that is associated with creating.

Physical Education 

The focus in this class is to get students to move their body and improve fitness levels. Students enjoy games and activities that develop and refine specialized movement skills, with a focus on tactical thinking in a range of contexts. There is also an important focus on relationship skills that promote positive interactions, build character and help manage conflict.